Wozniak: Difficult Budget Aimed at Economic Recovery

HARRISBURG,  June  29, 2012 – State Sen. John N. Wozniak today issued the following statement regarding passage of the general appropriations bill:

“There is no question that this budget is tough and some very good organizations and dedicated employees are going to have to find a way to do what they do with less.

However, the only cure for what ails our economy is more jobs and the only way to get there is to keep taxes low and show employers that we mean business.

This budget takes the revenue that we have available in a very slowly recovering economy and stretches it tightly across a wide array of programs important to many individuals across the commonwealth.  That will cause problems and strain, but I’m not buying the dystopian hyperbole that some have been dispensing.

With the creative and forward thinking offer to Shell Oil, along with other business tax adjustments, we are making investments not by the election cycle, but by the business cycle.

In time, we can rebuild Pennsylvania’s economy the way our ancestors did: through hard work and sacrifice.

If I had my way alone, I would have found more money to make sure seniors and the disabled more secure by closing the Delaware loophole and ending the corporate tax dodge that not only saps our budget but also cripples competing small businesses.

That, among other adjustments, would have been my preference but it is just as important that Harrisburg, unlike our colleagues in Washington, can take bold action on our economy without getting bogged down in partisan gridlock.”