Wozniak Encourages Turnpike Officials to Offer Natural Gas Fill-Up

HARRISBURG, Dec. 8, 2011 – State. Sen. John N. Wozniak said today he is encouraging Pennsylvania Turnpike Officials to add natural gas refueling as rebuilding of turnpike rest areas continues.

In a recent letter to the Turnpike Commission Chief Operating Officer Craig Shuey, Wozniak said the commission’s on-going remodeling effort provides a cost-effective opportunity to add natural gas to its fueling options.

“As the Commission proceeds forward with the reconstruction of the facilities across the Commonwealth, it would appear the opportune time to make natural gas fill-up available to its customers,” Wozniak wrote. ”Pennsylvanians as well as motorists across the nation are buying alternative fuel vehicles and are in need of fill-ups just as the traditional gasoline users.”

As Marcellus Shale drilling provides an opportunity to decrease dependence on foreign oil, Wozniak said Pennsylvania should provide incentives for motorists to switch from gasoline to cleaner burning fuels. Currently there are only a handful of natural-gas filling stations in the state.

In his reply, Shuey said the commission is in the early stages of discussions about natural gas refueling, either at the rest stops or near turnpike interchanges. In addition, the turnpike is considering adding electric refueling.

“I hope they will see the need to move quickly on this,” Wozniak said, “and seize the opportunity to do something significant for Pennsylvania’s economy and the environment.”