Wozniak: Fire, Ambulance Grants Approved for Cambria, Clearfield and Bedford Counties

Harrisburg, April 25, 2016 − More than $1.26 million in state funding has been approved for fire company and volunteer ambulance service grants in Cambria, Clearfield and Bedford Counties, state Sen. John N. Wozniak said.

The grants are important financial resources that fire, ambulance and rescue companies can access for a number of purposes, Wozniak said. The funding can be used for facilities, equipment, debt service or training.

Cambria County volunteer fire, ambulance and rescue companies will receive a total of $628,226. Bedford Countys fire and emergency services are slated to get $187,414 in grant funding while volunteer fire and ambulance companies in Clearfield County have $446,607 earmarked for distribution.

The Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program is an annual program. Fire companies, volunteer rescue and ambulance services are eligible for grant funding.

Wozniak said that the wide range of eligible projects makes the program very popular.

Volunteer fire, ambulance and rescue companies are invaluable assets to communities throughout Cambria, Bedford and Clearfield Counties, Wozniak said. We need to do more to support their efforts and ensure that they have the resources available to protect citizens and property.

The grant program is administered through the state fire commissioners office.