Wozniak Readies Anti-Nepotism Legislation

Harrisburg, October 22, 2015 − Legislation designed to stop nepotism in political hiring and promotions will be soon introduced in the state Senate by Sen. John N. Wozniak (D-Cambria/Clearfield/Bedford), he said today.

One of the ways to ensure that justice is fair, government is balanced and legislators are responsive is to take nepotism out of the equation of who is hired in a public office, Wozniak said. There are simply too many instances where conflicts may arise because immediate family members are being pushed by officials for positions in courts or public offices.

A person should not be advanced ahead of anyone else based on family connections.

Wozniaks legislation would prohibit legislators, judicial officers or state-executive level officials from being directly involved or influencing the appointment, employment or advancement of an immediate family member to a position in the branch of government or legislative chamber where the public official serves.

Every branch of government should have high walls that prevent public officials, judges or others from influencing the hiring or appointment of immediate family members, Wozniak said. Public officials, by virtue of their offices, should not be able to hire family members for jobs in their offices or influence others in their branch of government to hire family.

Wozniak said his legislation would help build confidence in government. He said public officials would be free of being pressured to hire immediate family members of judicial officers, legislators or executive level members of the governors administration.

Wozniaks legislation covers members of the Senate or House of Representatives, judicial officers including judges and members of the governors cabinet in the executive branch.