Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Law FAQs

What is the Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Law?

Effective February 21, 2014, this law limits the number of times an individual can reapply for a motorcycle learner’s permit.

Under Act 126, signed into law by Governor Corbett on Dec. 23, 2013, a person may reapply for a motorcycle learner’s permit no more than three times in a five-year period (4 total learner’s permits within 5 years) and must successfully pass the motorcycle knowledge test each time. The law also prohibits PennDOT from renewing a person’s motorcycle learner’s permit, thus enabling riders to continue to learn to ride a motorcycle properly while pushing them to actually get their motorcycle license instead of treating the permit like an actual license.

I already have my learner’s permit. Am I affected?

If you have a motorcycle learner’s permit that was issued prior to February 21, 2014 and you take and pass your motorcycle skills test before the expiration date, this change will not affect you.

What if my permit expires and I haven’t passed the motorcycle skills test?

If you do not take the skills test, or do not pass before the permit expires, you can reapply for another motorcycle learner’s permit, which will include retaking the motorcycle knowledge test.