Wozniak: Rural Firefighter Grants for Cambria, Bedford, Clearfield

Harrisburg Sept. 16, 2021 Multiple volunteer fire companies in rural areas of Cambria, Bedford and Clearfield counties were awarded grants by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to help combat fires in forests and undeveloped areas, state Sen. John N. Wozniak (D-Cambria/Bedford/Clearfield) said today.

Rural volunteer fire companies play a crucial role in protecting Pennsylvanias natural resources, Wozniak said.  The fire companies need access to new equipment and training so they are prepared to respond to wildfires and emergencies in rural areas.

Wozniak said that five companies in Cambria County were award grants.  These include: Cresson Volunteer Fire Company $3,900; Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company $7,036; Nicktown Fire Company $6,575; Vintondale Fire Company $3,000; and West Hills Regional Fire Department $7,500.

In Bedford County, Wozniak said that two companies would receive grants: Everett Volunteer Fire Company $3,365; Six Mile Run Area Volunteer Fire Company $2,083.

Two fire companies in Clearfield County were slated to receive grants: Madera Volunteer Fire Company $1,970; Union Township Civilian Defense Fire Company $3,750.

According to DCNR, more than $604,000 in grants was awarded in this funding round to 142 fire companies across Pennsylvania.  The maximum amount of the grant was $7,500.

The grants will be used to purchase mobile radios, communication equipment, water supply installation, training and maintenance of vehicles used in fire suppression.